8 man single wing plays

So LB's must line up 2 yards deep. So a LB Can't blitz basically until the snap of the ball.

I think that covers it basically. Line of scrimmage is sideline to sideline. So a lot of 's on defense, or looks with DE's standing outside the 4 yard box.

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Here are my thoughts, let me know if you think they are viable. WB would line up as if there were another man in there. Basically where he would line up normally if you ran a Tackle over look and had 2 lineman on his side. Aim point for the Toss would be tighter. Looking to hit the 3 or inside hip of ST. QE would NOT pull obviously. QE gets head inside any DT and blocks away. Here is where it gets tricky. QB will act as the puller that is missing. I am still looking for ideas for nice reverse or counter. Not sure how to pull that one off aside from a simple bootleg if the backside DE is crashing too hard.

Thanks for any ideas or help! Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. If the backside DE is crashing hard you could always just run a fb counter to the offtackle hole, as if it was a normal 45 counter.

8-Man Single Wing

We ran this out of loose set when our 4 back was set 8 yards out and it worked like a charm. Also you could treat the SE just like he was an on wing, have him drop step and run counter. Your QB would probably have to quick pitch and go help block through the hole though. In any war, you put your back to mine. I put my back to yours and lets do what we gotta do. Nobody lined directly over center, LB's must be three yards back. But we can have one coach on the field helping the kids on defense and two coaches on offense.

I would love to see a DW playbook for 8 man. I would like to thank Adam for asking me to write this article for Direct Snap.

Adam asked me to write about the switch to 8-man football and our 8-man single wing offense. We run the spin series almost entirely with some direct snap and buck lateral series as well. My first exposure to the single wing offense was during a football theory class at the University of Northern Iowa. Shortly after graduating from college I accepted a coaching and teaching job in Sigourney, Iowa where I spent 4 years as an assistant with Bob Howard at Sigourney-Keota, Iowa. After 4 years I moved to northern Iowa and accepted my first football head coaching job.

I was taking over a program that had not won a game in 3 years during my 4 years at Sigourney-Keota coach Howard had led the Savage Cobras to a record and 1 state championship with a group of seniors that had NEVER won a football game at any level of organized football dating back to 7th grade.

That first season we ended up with a record on the year; finishing the season with 2 wins in a row and playing our best football. We ended the season scoring 70 points in our final game and the kids were sold on the offense. It was fun, unique and potent. To give a point of reference, the team had negative total yards in 2 games the prior year. I wanted to run the single wing for the following reasons, the same reasons that Bob Howard talks about in his single wing manual: I knew that there would be some grumbling from fans about the offense because it is not something that you see on TV on Saturdays and Sundays that has changed with the University of Florida and the Miami Dolphins.

I was absolute in my conviction that this was the offense that we were going to run. After spending 4 years with coach Howard I saw how the single wing gave teams fits and I was convinced that it was the offense that I wanted to run due to its flexibility, power and deception.

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  5. 8-Man Single Wing | Coach Somebody;
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  7. I knew that we were going to run the full spin series because of the way it sets up blocks and causes confusion for the defense. I changed the jersey design, color, and painted the helmets to give our team a new identity. The most important change was attitude and the offense gave the kids a new attitude toward football. I wanted our kids to take pride in being the only 8-man team in the state that was running the single wing, one of only 3 teams in the entire state that ran the single wing at all.

    I knew that it would also force our opponents to prepare for something that they will only see once a year and would be hard to duplicate with a scout team, especially at the 8-man level.

    I met with coach Howard after accepting the job and he helped me figure out our base plays; the trap, power, sweep and counter. We could run the same play from multiple formations and different play series. We had three backs that could run, pass, and catch from a variety of locations on any given play. Here are the differences: While there are some differences between 8-man and 11 man football, the game is the same; it comes down to the solid fundamentals of blocking and tackling.

    In my opinion, in 8-man football, there is no place to hide a weaker player and each mistake made on the field is magnified by the speed of the game and loss of 3 players. We feel that this enables us to create mismatches with our different formations. The video below shows our basic shift and a couple of our key pass plays. Our plays are called with the formation and then our three-digit system.

    The first digit is who the ball is snapped to, the next digit is the play series and the third digit refers to the point of attack. We signal plays in through a series of hand signals. I will describe our four base plays along with diagrams and some video.

    8 man single wing offense playbook

    This is the base play in our offense. We will run this play times a game most nights. This play relies on good faking by the tailback and the wingback. We feel that these good fakes set up blocks and that is the key to our trap. We will not block either defensive end as long as the release outside of our offensive ends.

    SG — Block down and double with C if there is a NG, if there is a man in the 2 hole we block down, if there is no man in the gap or on the center he goes to the next level.


    8 Man Double Wing

    QG — Trap the first man outside of the 2 hole, head in the hole and drive, it is an extremely short pull, must block inside out, center must get a push for QG to get position. QE — Block down to LB, do not let defensive end cross your face, widen split to take defensive end wider. Attack the near hip of the spinback, carry out good fake INTO the line of scrimmage, make eye contact with the defensive end and put a move on him without the ball, continue downfield and make a block for the spinback.

    WB — Attack the near hip of the spinback, carry out good fake INTO the line of scrimmage, make eye contact with the defensive end and put a move on him without the ball, continue downfield and make a block for the spinback. Depending on our team personnel this is our bread and butter play.