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Run by Together Networks, the company behind this already has experience with a database of million users worldwide. For some singles, it is clear that uniform dating presents a bit of a fetish. There are fewer things more dashing than a man in uniform… and the same can be said for many ladies too!

However, the practicality of this dating category runs a bit deeper than that. Not everyone, of course, but shift work is something that really takes it out of you. This is the primary reason that uniform dating exists in the USA. Police officers usually work nights as well as days, especially when on the beat.

Doctors have long, seemingly unending shifts. Even those working in the hospitality industry know the drudgery of working through a thirteen-hour-day, sometimes without the luxury of a break! These online dating sites are therefore the perfect place for uniform singles to get together and find one another for friendship and even a relationship. Any questions or suggestions? Uniform Dating Tips Wider radius search!

The chat feature with webcam, is particularly recommended. This is entirely my fault because I did not notice the reminder they flashed on the screen while waiting in my inbox. My email verification went straight to the spam folder. I only thought of checking after a few minutes have passed.

After that, the checklist happened. It was good that they have a checklist for you to do after you join.

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It is equivalent to game tutorials when you are a newbie. Of course, you can skip doing the checklist but I chose to do them right away to maximize the experience. Most of my time testing the site went to uploading photos. No matter what photo I upload, my profile picture just does not show. I thought they were having problems at first until I saw on their FAQ tab that every photo uploaded must undergo verification process before becoming visible to other users.

They do this because most of the members belong to the law enforcement community. The FAQ tab is located at the bottom part of the screen. Almost all of the things that you need to know after you join is located there.

Uniform dating

I also like that I received a lot of messages from beautiful women. However, some of the messages I got were auto-replies from me liking their profiles. Auto-replies can be set up on the left side of the home screen. I did not like auto-replies. I think they are one way to make you feel that you are not talking to a real person.

It just takes away the sincerity and personality of the people inside the website. Nevertheless, UniformDating offers a lot of possibilities for men and women looking to find a relationship inside their career circle. If I had been a lawyer, police, or military personnel, I would definitely join UniformDating to look for friends. Those who belong in the "uniform" careers such as lawyers, police, or military personnel, should definitely sign up for UniformDating to look for friends.

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  • It is one of those dating sites that gives space to those who belong in such a small circle but almost does not have time to meet someone new because of their busy careers. The dating site's functionality is also not lacking. As a matter of fact, you can do a lot more here than on most dating sites. The only problem is that major communication functions can only be accessed by paid membership.


    UniformDating in Review

    If you are a dating newbie who wants to test out different dating sites first before choosing which ones to pay for, UniformDating's paid messaging function may stop you from purchasing an upgrade. If UniformDating can at least make traditional messaging--even in a limited form--available for Standard Accounts, that would be great.

    Anyway, almost all of the functionalities offered by the dating site is available to use. But missing on the fun experience of talking to someone you are attracted to is very limiting. Inside the webpage, go to "My Profile. You may click and change your email address. You can cancel your subscription inside the website.

    Go to the Profile drop-down menu and click on "Account.

    UniformDating is a dating site tailored for personnel in uniform. It also comes in an app version for Apple device users. It is a dating site that also has an app version. However, the app version is only available for Apple user as of the moment. You can change your password inside the website. Just go to "My Profile," then "My Account. First, check your spam folder on your email. If the email is not there, you most probably entered a wrong email address. Change the email address and then resend. Hover your mouse to the Profile tab on the website. On the drop-down, you can select "Upload Photos.

    UniformDating review every photo that the members upload to their profiles. They do this to make sure that nobody violates their community standards. There is a green button that says "Start Searching" at the top of the website that will let you search according to your preferences. Standard membership is free while full membership requires payment for some of the features to be available. You need to upgrade your account and have full membership to be able to send messages.

    Standard membership only allows receiving of messages and not sending. Thank you for your question. We will answer it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are no experience reports about UniformDating. Be the first one and share your experiences:. Thank you for sharing your experience! After verifying it we will publish your experience here. This page is available in following countries: Gives a fun space for singles in uniform where they can mingle.


    A new member has to fill out personal information questions. It only takes a maximum of 2 minutes to complete creating the profile.

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    You can upload as many photos as possible, but it has to be reviewed by Uniform Dating first before it appears on your profile. You can get match suggestions by searching. It requires you to verify your email, make sure to check your spam folder. Back to table of contents Back to table of contents. It is possible to see all pictures of other members who join without a paid membership. Some fake profiles use fake photos. There are measures against fake profiles or scammers such as email verification. The target group of UniformDating is the singles whose careers belong in the military, community service, or law enforcement.

    There are about 50, members who are active in a week. There are , members registered in the Kingdom. Most of the search filters are available for free except the location. Aside from searching, you will also have profile recommendations based on your compatibility levels. A chat, message, and live chat function are available. You can also "flirt" or "wink" to other members aside from giving them gifts for a more interactive experience.